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Internet marketing Strategies, Part Two – Physical Word of Mouth

In the previous article “Top 10 Ways of Marketing Online” ten separate ways were listed to create buzz for a business or product, but exactly what wasn’t detailed were the particulars of each strategy. These marketing paths entail much more than what one could put into just a few short sentences, in fact it is of the utmost importance to provide everybody reading with every useful bit of knowledge that can possibly be bestowed. Each marketing tactic in “Top ten Strategies to Marketing Online” has its own specific blueprint to success, along with ‘Word of Mouth’ seeming probably the most straight forward. This is not the whole truth. Certain, someone can inform another of something, but they cannot be forced to inform people. What can be done is to encourage them to notify others of a mind-blowing business or product they just heard about. The problem then is transforming a person from being an interested loved one into a conduit through which beneficial Word of Mouth can flow.

Far too often even the most intelligent entrepreneur assumes their friends and family will increase the potential profitability of their business venture just by being friends and family. While these folks are crucial, they are generally not going to take the in a business and assist in producing dreams come true if they are approached totally passively.
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It will take a little work, require loved ones can become a Word of Mouth Base, or ‘WoMB’. It is inside this particular WoMB that a business will develop and thrive in its infancy. The particular WoMB will initially be just the creator of the business or the creator of the product. As this business concept begins to grow and take form, so must its WoMB. Think about a WoMB like a network. It starts with the focal point, the auslöser of the business or the originator from the product, and it spreads outward like a web. This web connects to everyone the owner of the business knows, from any co-workers, to immediate family members, to extended family, to buddies, to class mates. Each of these cable connections would then connect to their own individual WoMB, their web of connections. Take for example, friends. Each friend has a plethora of potential conduits, because they all have their own co-workers, family, etc . It sounds enticing, but regrettably it takes a bit of work to change any conduit into a spigot of beneficial Word of Mouth.

Converting a natural circuitry associated with acquaintances into a valuable WoMB requires much less guile and tact compared to it appears. It is not necessary or suggested that manipulation be employed to produce a lucrative market base from friends and loved ones. In most cases a simple network associated with connections can be revamped into a WoMB easily by communicating the main concept to those in the first tier of connections in a network. It is essential that those in the WoMB don’t feel as if they are being sold something, but that the enticing new idea is being introduced and that they would be doing a service in order to anyone they tell by telling them of it. This way a business person is not asking for favors, but assisting others. It is this minor shift of ideal that allows for Person to person to spread like wildfire. Typically people like to feel like they have performed a good thing. Presenting a business in such a way that it must be a great, helpful thing allows a WoMB to expound on that will feeling. This creates a central goodness to a business that allows it to succeed in a harsh world.


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