Collecting SF

Collecting SF


While it is true that most condoms will fit most men, there can be no underestimating the importance of selecting the right condom for you.  As most men vary in terms of size and length, there are also numerous condom products that offer varied choices and selections.

For someone who would need to use condoms with a narrower head, shaft, and base measurements, look for condoms such as those Japanese-made Okamoto and Kimono brands. Using condoms that fit snugly would mean lesser worries and anxieties on it slipping off and exposing you and your partners to unnecessary risks. These brands are particularly recognized for producing condoms that are thin yet strong, thus making for enhanced sensitivity and enjoyment.

For well-endowed individuals, the Magnum product line of Trojan would provide a perfect fit, as using a much tighter condom would increase the possibility of leaking and breakage. There is also the Durex Maximum Love condom. If you cherished this article and you would like to obtain extra facts with regards to ซื้อถุงยางอนามัย kindly visit the page.

Those who are uncircumcised should try condoms with a little headroom, such as the Durex Enhanced Pleasure, the LifeStyles Dual Pleasure, and the Trojan Extended Pleasure product lines. All are contoured to fit the base and the shaft, as well as having expanded front for added sensation and comfort. The Durex Performax also has an enlarged front.

There are also condoms that are textured, like the ribbed LifeStyles His name Her Pleasure and the Beyond Seven Studded. The raised surface serves to stimulate the woman, and extending the woman’s pleasure. However, it would be good to ask your partner first before trying these types of condoms on, as some may have an aversion or find it uncomfortable, even painful.

When you are the type who experiences premature ejaculation and would love to have some means to alleviate this condition, try condoms that contain delay lubricants that can extend your pleasure when activated by body heat. Examples of condoms specifically designed for this are the Trojan Extended Pleasure and the Durex Performax.

Durex Performax condoms deserve special mention in that it specifically address one common male sexual problem, premature ejaculation. Performax is incorporated with a climate control lubricant that boasts of providing extended erection. When the Performax condom is put on properly, body heat activates the warming lubricant that gives a desensitizing effect. However, there is no reported loss of sensation among Performax users. It is also form fitted as well as having headroom, making Durex Performax one of the most popular condom products there is. As in any other condom product, improper use of Performax would result in less than satisfactory outcome, like the transfer of the numbing sensation to the woman; so care should be observed that the surface with the climate control lubricant touches only you.

Aside from the Japanese-made condoms, American manufacturers have also produced condoms that boast of sensitivity. The Trojan Elexa Ultra Sensitive, the Durex Extra Sensitive, and the LifeStyles Ultra Thin are but few of the many product lines catering to those seeking that bare feeling during protected sex.

Other considerations in selecting condoms are allergies to latex, visual stimulation in terms of colors, good smell, and non-latex taste. For women found to be allergic to latex, polyurethane condoms provide an alternative. Examples of which are the Trojan Supra and the Durex Avanti. Both condoms can be used with any type of lubricants, even petroleum-based and oil-based ones.

For multicolored condoms, try the Durex Rainbow Colors and the Crown Assorted Colors. The variety and novelty provided by these condoms may help jack your sex life up to the next level. Durex Colors and Scents come in several fruity flavors, perfect for those bothered by strong latex smell or those performing oral sex and would want to mask the taste of latex. Viva Flavors also come in exciting chocolate, vanilla, and grape varieties.


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