Collecting SF

Collecting SF


There are many issues with a lot of job boards that not only put people off when using them but mislead the candidate when they are searching for a job. One major problem that most job boards do is aim to be all things to all people. Whilst many graduate online board administrators would think that catering for all would boost the volume of listings, which it would, in terms of accuracy and finding the right candidate for the role may come as a huge cost. More specialised job boards will prove much more successful than generic online boards.

The leading job boards are the ones that are targeted to a specific area. The reason being most applicants look to apply for local roles due to the commute and residence whilst many recruiters look to interview local applicants. By tailoring a local graduate board specific to an area you can integrate your understandings of the area to offer or improve specialised services.

Alternative to location specific online boards many successful job boards are centred on a specific sector, trade or industry. Operators of these types of board find that the users offer collective knowledge related to the industry and the community of users and visitors to the jobs board are often strong and related.

Also, in order for your graduate jobs board to be successful you need to be cost effective. The fact that you are competing against other forms of advertising such as radio and press means you have to make sure your prices are competitive. Rates are typically 80% lower than traditional advertising but it is important that online research is carried out looking at what the competitors are charging. Any thoughts relating to in which and how to use employment, you can get hold of us at our webpage.

Another way to boost your graduate jobs board is to offer incentives tailored to both small and large businesses. To attract businesses which submit vacancies repeatedly you can offer discounts on packages for flat fees for unlimited advertising. For smaller businesses that submit fewer vacancies it would be wise to offer them free advertising for every 2 or 3 graduate jobs placed or offer alternate bonus CV searching.

Other bonus options more than just listing graduate jobs ads and pairing up graduates to these roles can be CV hosting. CV hosting is useful to both the candidate and the potential employer as the graduate gets to upload their CV on to the board where employers are actively searching for candidates. To get the best out of this service, online CV’s need to be constructed highlighting all key skills and experience so the potential employer can view with ease.


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