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Our environment is filled with invisible natural and non-natural electric and magnetic fields. The man-made electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) have been until recently largely ignored. A growing volume of research has heightened public awareness of the problem that EMFs may be negatively impacting the health and well-being of millions of people. EMFs have in common that they are all created by electrical devises in our houses, such as hair dryers, digital alarm clocks, toasters, coffee makers, TVs, or computers. The more you use these devices and the closer you are to them, the higher is your exposure to EMFs. EMFs behave differently however, in respect to other characteristics. As soon as your electrical device is plugged in, it is surrounded by an electrical field, even when switched off. In contrast, magnetic fields are only created when your device is switched on. In other words, magnetic fields are only present when electric current flows and the bigger the current the stronger the magnetic field. Furthermore electric and magnetic fields behave differently in relation to building materials. Fortunately most of the building materials shield electric fields to some extent however, magnetic fields are not attenuated by currently used materials. That means that your house is not shielding you against the magnetic fields of for instances, a high voltage transmission line. The only solution to escape these big magnetic fields, which can extent hundreds of meters, is to maintain a reasonable distance.

Man-made EMFs emanate from whatever conducts or uses electricity, such as appliances, wiring, distribution lines under homes and along streets and highways, railroad cars on electrified lines, and high-tension power lines. Our proximity to electricity exposes us to electrical fields twenty four hours per day. Only if you live far from a city with no electricity at all, like a hermit, you would be unaffected.

How dangerous is electromagnetic pollution for us?

The effects of electromagnetic pollution on our health is currently discussed controversially.
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From the point of view of a Geomancer, electromagnetic pollution causes bad chi (“sha chi”) in our environment, resulting in disharmony and energetic chaos. We are already exposed to various sources of discordant chi like geopathic stress, noises, strong winds, harmful chemicals and finally EMFs. The latter are a relatively new danger and we do not yet have any long term experience on their effects. More than ever we are permanently bombarded by invisible electromagnetic forces covering our surroundings like a fog with daily increasing density.

These electromagnetic forces have an effect on everything, from plant growth to our health and probably even the weather. Numerous epidemiological studies were done to investigate its biological effects. At first it was believed that man made sources like electricity, microwaves and radiofrequency, cannot influence our biological system. Electrical devices generally produce extremely low frequency (ELF) fields with frequencies up to 300 Hz. Other technologies produce intermediate frequency (IF) fields (300 Hz – 10 MHz) and radiofrequency (RF) fields (10 MHZ – 300 GHz). All these sources were considered as non-ionizing and unable to break chemical bonds. Several epidemiological studies have shown however, that these strong and multidirectional EMFs can disrupt normal cell polarity, and blood functions.


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