Collecting SF

Collecting SF


Have you ever noticed how there are increasing numbers of people out there who are heading to GNC stores in droves because they are looking for all sorts of herbal or medicinal remedies to make their brains think quicker. It is simply no longer acceptable to just have the usual cup of coffee in the morning. According to BBC news, the department of Health has asked the Academy of Medical Sciences to assess the so-called “cognition enhancing” drugs, some of which are already being used in the United States.
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The study focused on one drug called Modafinil, which was developed to help people who had narcolepsy.

However, as it turned out, the drug didn’t just keep people awake; it was also affecting their cognitive abilities. The drug was tested in a controlled environment at Cambridge University and doctors discovered that Modafinil actually allowed people to think longer and more accurately, especially as questions or problems increased in difficulty. This drug has also been used in the United States (although mostly for sleeping disorders), but is moving up in the world of cognition enhancing drugs. Now the question arises, “If drugs were available in the future to allow students to think more clearly, would parents buy into these cognition drugs?” Perhaps business owners would give cognition drugs out at company parties as part of the goody bag. After all, who doesn’t want their employees to have a more cutting edge when it comes to the ability to think quickly and accurately to resolve problems?

That’s just it though, are these drugs even safe to be taking? Or are we the guinea pigs for the next generation of possible drug users and abusers. I guess that remains to be seen. Even health food stores are walking a fine line when they sell items such as Gingko Biloba and other herbal remedies that are supposed to give you the extra added mental edge. As a society, have we become too dependent on drugs to solve all of our problems that we can’t seem to figure out any other way of solving? I would like to think that I’m wrong here, but unfortunately, I don’t think that this is the case. The whole seemingly innocent notion of using drugs to enhance our mental faculties plays into a bigger issue: people who are abusing prescription drugs. This kind of runs along the same lines as when people started demanding that playgrounds be ripped down and redone so that they were safer for children.


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