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As a practising astrologer through the 1980 and 2000 election method I acquired a lot of inquiries about the chance that whoever was elected as president may possibly die in office. Why? A number of sitting down presidents experienced died of the two natural and unnatural (assassination) brings about for well about a hundred many years of our nation’s background. Because these functions had occurred repeatedly it suggested the possibility of taking place once more. Folks had been honestly anxious about casting a vote that may well conclude with their decided on applicant collaborating in a tragic party. As each election course of action occurred, I together with several other astrologers searched diligently to determine this uncommon political result. My early participation in the political procedure and political astrology was sporadic, cursory, and somewhat naive. As I have gotten more mature, the political course of action has elevated in value in my existence. In 2008 as we worked our way by way of the primaries, the election, and inevitably the 2009 inauguration, the problem surfaced once again and again. I was reasonably specified that the electricity sample that was in existence for that extended time period of time experienced concluded and would not instantly impact current events but I continue to get questions about the probability. I want to explore the astrological styles that have been in participate in in the course of before presidencies and why I experience it is component of our political record and not part of our foreseeable future. Most likely I can decide on the phrases to outline what occurred and that this sample is no lengthier functional.

We must start off by realizing that anyone who pursues such an workplace understands the dangers of assuming that office. Life does not appear with ensures. The very best care presented to safeguard the president may perhaps not be enough. All candidates for that business in certain do know and comprehend this.
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There is no way to safeguard versus stupidity, bias, and nonsensical violence. Some people do truly stupid, selfish items and they you should not request our authorization to do so. Every life is sacred. Our particular impression and bias is just not a excellent enough explanation to forcibly exercising violence, but it does come about. Also, lifestyle in standard occurs. People do get ill, do have accidents, and do go away us prior to we are completely ready. That’s life and living.

We require to again up to the time interval when this sample 1st emerged and look at the impact that surrounded numerous of our nationwide tragedies. The cycle we will be analyzing happens around just about every 20 many years. It is the typical conjunction (becoming a member of) of transiting cultural planets, Jupiter and Saturn. That joining of the two fuel giants marks a commencing but all those planets are in regular motion, so time and the spot is a marker only and not a consistent. Jupiter can take about twelve decades to do a single total orbit (cycle) about the Sun. Saturn will take about 29 a long time to make the identical circle owing to its a lot more distant orbit. For the duration of the 12 a long time of Jupiter’s journey Saturn will have moved various indications forward in the zodiac. Jupiter will have to do extra vacation to catch up to and once again connect with Saturn to variety a new conjunction (signing up for) at a new degree and indicator. By the time this hurry up and hold out pattern occurs, approximately 20 yrs will have passed. Our cycle to review is twenty yrs and this is a cycle (20 yrs) that exists within two cycles (12 and 29 yrs).

Starting up with the joining of Jupiter and Saturn (Jup/Sat) all around 1840, the presidents who were being elected or sitting down at or in close proximity to the moment of these conjunctions died of purely natural or unnatural causes. As if that were being not more than enough, there have been many makes an attempt on the lives of various presidents. If we incorporate 20 calendar year increments to 1840, we find close to 1860, 1880, 1900, 1920, 1940, 1960, and so on. as opportunities. By wanting at factual background and the correct cycle markers (day and place), a cyclic pattern does arise. The query is is it a finite cycle, a issue where by it finishes, or is it an ongoing pattern and can it impact us now? As I was accomplishing my investigation on the forty three presidents of the U.S. and their connection to the U.S. chart, this rather frightening probability became a study necessity. What I located was so certain that I want to share individuals conclusions with you.

Seven of individuals 20-calendar year conjunctions happened close to election decades which 12 months ended in “.” Four presidents were assassinated (gun): Presidents Lincoln, McKinley, Garfield and Kennedy. Two died of natural results in: Presidents William Harrison and Franklin Roosevelt. Presidents Zachary Taylor and Warren Harding both equally died in business office of assumed natural leads to. Promises of assassination ended up not at any time supported by afterwards analysis. There is an anomaly in the dating of the two early deaths with this cycle we are researching. They have been near but not exact. That specific Jup/Sat joining was the first of this one hundred forty-12 months collection. Why 1 specific 140-year time period of time, and not before that time, and not given that that time?

The Excellent Mutation or Grand Conjunction of Jup/Sat is an approximate 20-year cycle repeating component. On Aug 30, 1742 Jup/Sat had been at 27 Leo 09. On Mar eighteen, 1762 they had been at 12 Ari 21. Each had been pre-Innovative War but were intervals of fermenting challenges amongst Britain and the colonies. Nov 5, 1782 arrived following at 28 Sag 07, with the Groundbreaking War active. Mainly because we did not elect a president until eventually 1789, none of these conjunctions have been pertinent to the presidency. Recognize the 3 conjunctions ended up all in the fireplace element. The repeating cycle of the Jup/Sat conjunction is 7 in a one factor, then a person in second element, back again into the original aspect for 1 passage, then return to the 2nd factor for 7 passages, and then repeat the complete cycle. It is a real dance of the planets. Note: Only the initially go of every single cycle is mentioned in this article.

On Jul seventeen, 1802 Jup/Sat moved out of fireplace and entered the earth factor for one particular time only at 5 Vir 08. The fledgling U.S. was at continual warfare with an individual and we did have a president (Jefferson), but he did not die in office. On June 19,1821 the conjunction was at 24 Ari 39 (again into fire for 1 passage) and there was an attempted assassination of Andrew Jackson on Jan thirty, 1835. After that fire factor conjunction we started the 7-cycle passage of the Jup/Sat conjunction in earth. From the list I utilised in my research, not all assassination tries have been given, but ninety+ tries were described and they were part of this continuing pattern.

The following Jup/Sat conjunction was on Jan 26, 1842 at 8 Cap fifty four. President Benjamin Harrison died in 1841 (the year prior to the conjunction, a person month after having office, of all-natural brings about, elected in 1940). President Zachary Taylor died in 1850 and his demise was suspect but not proven to be everything other than purely natural. There is an anomaly here in timing, but the issue is regardless of whether it is particular to the election/inauguration approach (day with “” year election) or a sitting down president although that conjunction is in effect (20 a long time). The other six cycles in this sequence of 7 are a lot far more unique.

On Oct 21, 1861 the conjunction was at eighteen Vir 22 (4Ës from the United states Neptune) and President Abaraham Lincoln was assassinated on Apr 14, 1865 a few weeks immediately after his 2nd inauguration. There experienced been a previous attempt on his lifestyle Feb 23, 1861. The Apr eighteen, 1881 conjunction was at 01 Tau 36 and President James Garfield was assassinated on Jul 2, 1881. On Nov 28, 1901 at fourteen Cap 00 (opposite United states Sunshine), President William McKinley was assassinated on Sep 6, 1901 in his 2nd phrase. He was succeeded by President Theodore Roosevelt, who had a unsuccessful assassination attempt on Oct 13, 1912.

On Sep ten, 1921 at 26 Vir 36, President Warren Harding died of purely natural results in (murder was suspected but not verified) in 1923. Aug 8, 1940 at fourteen Tau27 was the up coming passage and President Franklin D Roosevelt died in 1945 just immediately after the get started of his 4th time period. An assassination try was built on FDR early in his to start with time period on Feb 15, 1933. Roosevelt was succeeded by President Harry Truman, who expert an assassination attempt on Nov one, 1950. The 7th earth factor Jup/Sat conjunction was Feb 19, 1961 at 25 Cap 12 (on the United states Pluto), and President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on Nov 22, 1963, just two many years into his first time period. President Kennedy expert another attempt on his lifetime on Dec 11, 1960 (between election and inauguration) and Apr 2, 1961 (menace). There were an incredible number of tries or threats produced on many presidents through later on cycles, but President Kenney’s death was the previous, natural or unnatural demise in office.

President Richard Nixon experienced an attempt built on his lifestyle Feb 22, 1974, President Gerald Ford skilled tries Feb 5 and Sep 22, 1975. President James Carter seasoned an endeavor Mar 5, 1979. All ended up governed by that 1960 Jup/Sat conjunction and transpired prior to the following conjunction which moved out of the earth component and into the air element on Dec 31, 1980 at nine Lib thirty. A in the vicinity of-deadly attempt was built on President Ronald Reagan’s lifestyle on Mar 30, 1981, on President George H.W. Bush on April 13, 1993, and on President William Clinton on Sep twelve and Oct 29, 1994. All those tries had been governed by the prior 1960 conjunction. The present-day Jup/Sat cycle transpired May well 28, 2000 at 22 Tau forty three and makes an attempt were produced on President George W. Bush on Feb 7, 2001, Sep 11, 2001 (nine/eleven conspiracy?) and Could 10, 2005. This conjunction remains in influence until eventually the following conjunction, which is in the air element. The future Jup/Sat conjunction will consider spot on Dec 21, 2020 at 00 Aqu 29, in an air sign. The seven sample cycle of the Jup/Sat conjunction in earth has finished.

In my guide Presidents of Hope and Alter I concluded with “What is important to this second is that the sample of 7 did end with President Kennedy. The outdated pattern is finished. The sample that was of problem is aspect of our historical past and not of our foreseeable future. I believe that is quite superior news. It does not offer you us a guarantee that practically nothing will take place for the reason that there are other styles and activations that exist, but this specific sample has completed alone.”


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