HSC Tutoring Tips for Year 11 Students

For many of you entering year 11, this is a timely article reminding you that year 11 is an excellent opportunity to learn your content in advance. No assessments in the preliminary year count towards the HSC, and some students take advantage of this fact by using this time to learn ahead of the pacec at school.
Students who are finding the year 11 pace a bit leisurely can, in some circumstances, begin to study some of the year 12 content to ease the load when year 12 starts. For example, students can self-study or seek tutoring in Extension 2 maths – certain topics (e.g. Complex Numbers) have no overlap with Extension 1 or 2 unit, and therefore can be self-accelerated without complications. Some preliminary modules in science subjects (e.g. Physics, Chemistry and Biology) have little value in terms of relevance to year 12 content. For example, the ‘Electrical Energy in the Home’ topic has almost no overlap with ‘Motors and Generators’ or any other HSC Physics module. Students should first seek some honest advice (e.g. from their tutor or an unbiased school teacher) of what content is actually important / relevant to year 12, and what content isn’t. This information is useful as it allows students to allocate more timeĀ  HSC Suggestion pdf
towards self-study and learning ahead. The advantage is the fact that no exams or assignments done in year 11 (testing your knowledge of year 11 content) will count towards the HSC, so students can effectively ‘gain time’ that their peers would not have.
Collect notes, make notes and ask questions
Explore your personal network to expand your collection of notes (e.g. do you have family friends who have recently completed their HSC? Try to get their notes). If you attend tutoring, ask your tutor for notes and revision materials – start gathering notes as early as you can, especially year 12 notes.
In terms of self-study, it is a good idea to write down any questions you have as you read through your notes / textbook during year 11and ask your teachers when you get the chance. As year 12 comes, you will find more of your peers will be doing the same, and your teachers will no longer have the capacity or energy to answer your questions with as much detail / enthusiasm as before.

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